View Full Version : Warg Rider Skadi

Poisoned Coffee
06-02-2017, 04:09 PM
This is my idea for an RPG style orc Skadi :)
At first, shes gonna look like a "low level character", basic leathers, simple spear, the least to her design of all these forms. No cape or red cloth as in the picture, but maybe still make use of some form of "clan" symbol somewhere on her. No scars. Fresh lvl 1 orc here.
Next, Shes gonna advance to a layer of metal armor. Just a little more gear like iron bracers, thigh guards, raw chestpiece, and metal shoulders to make tougher but still nothing very special.
Here's where some added things start coming in. A red cape with a white painted on-looking symbol on it, some more red cloth peeking out from under some leg armor, wrapped around arms and wrists and the hips for some decoration. Add more to the spear like a different spearhead and some detailing. Attach thick short blades to parts of her armor. She'd have one or two small scars.
The last form would give her some bulk while also making her look more battle hardened. Added armor with very little skin showing. Very harsh design, worn with visible damage. Cape and cloth torn. Scars on skin. Improved spear, more pointy ends than before. Maybe a few small pouches and a knife around belt area.
I imagine Kaldr looking more beastly. Shorter snout, strong build, mean looking, shorter tail, and thick hair on the back like a hyena. He should match Skadi with his pregression, looking more like a lvl 1 mount or enemy and then progressing to a stronger companion for her. First, he'd be simple. Smallish, just looks like a wild warg.
Next, slightly bigger, rougher fur, with some gear. I couldnt really decide on what he should have. I don't know if its a better idea to give him a saddle and reigns or just some armor. Whatever he should have, give him some basic leather versions of it.
Now he will be adult sized. Thicker fur with some scars. Light additions in the way of metal armor.
In the final version, his gear should be severely damaged. If he has reigns, they're torn apart. If he has a saddle, it's gone. Any armor is mostly torn away. More scars, blank single-color eyes, and white war paint smeared on his fur in places to match Skadis clan symbols.
I imagine in general to have red effects to bring a orc berserker feel to her kit. For her 2, have the spear leave a red trail behind it. For her ult, give Kaldr a red aura along with strong winds. For both permafrost and her ult, have the area of these abilities look like a muddy battlefield. When kaldr is sent to enemies, give him a lighter aura than the ult, but still something to differentiate him from when he's out of the ability.

That's all! I think this could really be an awesome skin. I want something more interesting than an angel or demon style theme for the next T5. Thanks for reading. If anyone has any different or added ideas, please share :)