View Full Version : Hou Yi magick archer from dragons dogma

06-02-2017, 04:05 PM
He can start off in some rags with a really beat up bow, then every 5 levels he gets an upgrade, going from leather, to chainmail, to full plate. You can have daggers on his side on the final transformation and you can have him use like the blackwing bow. His ricochet can either be the ninefold arrow or the magick archers has a ricochet arrow as well that are white instead. His mark can be the targeting system for the game or the class has an explosive arrow that marks a target and explodes after some time, you can have that be the mark and just have an explosive effect at the end that does no damage. For his ult you can have him cast bolide which summons meteors to come crashing down. His voice pack practically writes itself too because you can just pull lines from the game.