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06-02-2017, 03:47 PM
Steamwork Inventor Jing Wei

Lore: The character is a young inventor in a Steampunk area. Over the course of the game, the character creates new designs for a steampunk flying machine to wear on one’s back. When she finally perfects her invention of steam-powered rocket wings, they give her a very striking and powerful look.

Concept: Jing Wei as the character and her crossbow would be very standard Steampunk. Her dress would be that very standard victorian-like steampunk look, and the crossbow would be a fantastic contraption of gears and springs. Unlike the normal Jing Wei model, she won’t have her wings. On Jing Wei’s back instead, would be a contraption that makes her fly.

The contraption would have multiple stages: a set of propellers on a backpack, a larger steam jetpack, a kite-like flying wings, and so on. Possibly 4 for best effect, but the more the better. The design finally ends with a beautiful set of steampunk wings that really spread wide across her character model, possibly much larger than her normal wings are now.

Rather than changing her flying machine during leveling, she will instead change the design during recall animations. When arriving back to the fountain, she has her new flying contraption on her back. This then gives Jing Wei an interesting flow: She flies her contraption into the battlefield, find it’s flaws, redesigns the contraption and returns to base to test it out again. As an idea, she may cycle through the multiple designs until she recalls at level 20, when her wings are final.

When she reaches the final design of her wings, they stay a very big and powerful part of the character model, with a recall animation that shows them off well. To further accent the change, using the ultimate while in her final wing form would expand the wings and crossbow, add additional graphical detail, and maybe expand her attire. This would stay active until death, and reactivated on using the ultimate again.

Passive: The passive, that she can fly from the fountain, is her ‘testing’ the new version of the flying machine. When she descends the contraption will ‘malfunction’ and Jing Wei drops from the sky. If it’s her perfect wings, Jing Wei descends gracefully with powerful landing graphics.

Her abilities won’t need too much change. Her dash and Stim are pretty generic and just need a simple graphical change. Her Whirlwind could easily be made into a fan that looks very steampunk or clockwork. The Ultimate doesn’t need too much than just a graphical update, but the channeling animation of her preparing to fly can be made very big and cinematic once she reaches her perfect wings.

Some of the best reasoning to use a Steampunk theme, is the various Card Frame, Ward and HUD designs that can go along with it.

Thoughts and comments are obviously welcome.