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06-02-2017, 03:31 PM
Lore: There was a woman whose beauty was as deadly as a bow. She was the best archer in town. Later, she hears of a bow that no mortal can wield. All who try to search for it, never return. Determined she sets out in search of the bow. She searches from the deepest cave to the highest peak of the mountain. On her search, she encounters a cave. In that cave laid a dragon and behind that dragon, there was the legendary bow made of dragon scales. She sneaks around the dragon to claim the bow for herself. Upon taking it, the dragon awoke and attacked her before she could claim it. After hours of fighting, the dragon broke her bow. She takes a chance and rolls for the legendary bow. Upon taking the bow, she fires the lethal blow. Dragon breathed its last breathe and spoke: "You... Have...... Been... Cursed....." Puzzled by what the dragon spoke, she heads home with her prize. Days went by and the town is puzzled on her lack of appearance. They decided to check on her. In shock, the town only saw a dragon in her house. In fear, they attacked it and upon the dragons roar, turned the attackers into molten rock. The town then realizes that the dragon they attacked, was their beautiful archer Medusa. She realizing on what she's done and leaves the town in search of a cure.

4 stage transformation. She starts as a human and slowly changes into a dragon with dragon scales and wings. Stage 1 and 2 she will retain her legs but in stage 2 she will develop a tail. And her hair will be messy. In stage 3 she loses her legs and crawls with her hands that have turned into claws as a sign of struggle of the loss of her legs. Her hair will be dreads covered in dragon scales. She will develop wings in stage 3 as well. In her final stage, her dreads turn into mini dragon heads (kinda like medusas snakes for her hair) she will have fully developed wings. And in stages 2-4 she will wear a mask that changes with every transformation. When she hits stage 2 she will put on her mask to hide her face.

Stage 1 Abilities:

Viper Shot: shoots poison darts.

Acid Spray: spews a lava bomb granted from the bow's curse.

Lacerate: bow empowers her with a leap dash and uses her dagger to slice the enemy god hit.

Stage 2-4 Abilities:

Viper Shot: now fires mini dragons that rotate around her.

Acid Spray: spews a enhanced lava bomb that changes with each transformation.

Petrify: Turns all enemies into a molten rock with her dragon roar and shows more lava outline with each transformation.

Stage 3-4 Abilities:

Lacerate: she loses her legs at this point and now slithers like her normal model.

Pics will be coming soon!