View Full Version : Tier 5 Skadi "MMORPG Hunter"

06-02-2017, 03:08 PM
I am not very artistic and could not accurately show what I had in mind, so bear with me as I explain my idea. I like playing "beastmaster" style hunters in rpgs (WoW, DnD, etc.), so my idea is for Skadi and, in turn Kaldr, to reflect that. For Skadi, I was thinking of having at specific levels she is equipped certain ways: stage one has cloth armor, no helmet or gloves, and a big stick as her weapon; stage two more leathery armor and a simple hat/helmet/hood with a stone spear; stage 3 studded leather armor (maybe a lack of coordinated equipment types due to the "stats" of the equipment) better helmet, and a bronze spear; stage 4 more metal apparent in the armor and equipment and the spear is slightly ornate; and for the final stage the armor looks like what a max level character would have in an mmo and the spear looks like some legendary weapon. For Kaldr, I was thinking that either at those stages or after a certain amount of kills; Kaldr changes from a basic, mundane beast into an almost dragon-like creature. Looking at some of those games, I was thinking Kaldr could start as a big rat and then be swapped out for something like a badger, then a wolf, then a bear, and finally a small dragon (or something akin to one). I hope my idea makes sense as I described, seeing as how I can't draw well, and I hope it gets chosen. Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns. Thank you in advance - snivy495