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06-02-2017, 02:58 PM
Jing Wei starts off as a school girl nerd and as time passes by. She changes to a more anime like female fantasy archer.

Jing Wei's passive: As she flies in the air she leaves trails of chinese symbols and anime like designs.

Jing Wei ability 1: Jing Wei's fantasy increases the intensity of her tornado sending off chinese symbols and at the bottom of the tornado, it displays some anime like vibe or pic of jing wei.

Jing Wei ability 2: Jing Wei shoots plushies at her enemies and they change into magical orbs as she progresses through the game.

Jing Wei ability 3: Similar to how she flies around the map.

Jing Wei ability 4: She flies into the air after saying some chinese words like an anime special attack. She shoots down a rain of magical arrows onto her opponents then flies out of combat.

Jing Wei Lv 1-5: Jing Wei starts as a nerdy school girl with a handmade crossbow out of school supplies. She wears a skirt and button up shirt with a ribbon in the middle. Two bows to hold her twin tails. Wings are black.

Jing Wei Lv 5-10: Jing Wei loses her glasses and wears colored contacts to look like some anime fan girl. She changes to a more fantasy looking girl. Her leggings become colorful and magical like shoes.

Jing Wei Lv 10-15: Jing immerses herself into the anime life and changes completely from her school girl look to an forest anime archer elf look. Her wings start to change colors to white.

Jing Wei Lv 15-20: Jing wei looks more beautiful and charming with a nice looking crossbow and dress/armor, giving her the cute appeal. Her wings turn white. She also gets special effects around her abilities like when she does her ultimate and calls it out as some special attack.

06-07-2017, 04:59 PM
Chinese letters? Chinese words?