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06-02-2017, 02:44 PM
Hello all!I'll start saying my english is limited,so I'm sorry about it!This is a skin idea that I always wanted for Medusa,turning herself into her human form,free from that horrible curse!

She would start as the monster Athena transformed her into...so the basic idea of her lower levels are that she is a better version of her classic skin,but more crazy movements,different outfit and different voice pack ofc...like a diferent lore based skin.

The next step she would be getting free from Athena's curse,turning herself into her human form,so she would be more humanized...the snakes turning into hair,her dress would be getting more long,coveriing most of her tail.

In her final form she would be totally free from Athena's curse.She would have her long blonde hair,long white dress,probably with some golden pieces and jewlery,she would still have her fighting skills she learned while being medusa but her spells would change ofc,some examples :

2nd Ability - Acid Spray - she could use a bigger arrow that would break and explode into litle pieces damaging the enemies behind the first target.

3rd Ability - Lacerate - she would roll and dodge towards the place or targed she aimed.

Ultimate - Petrify - could be a scream or a cry for the help of other gods,thanking them for freeing her from Athenas curse.
like a cry for help would stop the other gods with a light,pure spell...the gods that would die during this ultimate could turn into a statue ,but a different ones,not like rocks,but more elegant,marmor statues.

I'm really sorry about my limited english,but this is a skin idea for Medusa that I always wanted to happen,seeing her into her human form!IGetting free from Athena's curse!I hope you guys enjoyed my idea,hopefully some good artist will make this into a concept and hirez will use it to make it come true? I hope so! :)
Thank you for your time to read my idea.

06-02-2017, 05:10 PM
I really enjoy your concept! I love the idea for the ultimate, like marble type of statues, fantastic idea!

06-02-2017, 05:27 PM
I really love this idea. It's amazing even because it's different from the other ones that are about the metamorphosis from Uman to Monster. It's unique and innovative. Nice job!