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Raynar Frostkin
06-02-2017, 02:32 PM
Vigilante Ullr - Shock Ray

Ullr is a sportsman that dives into a reef a few miles from the coast where a radiation spill has recently occurred to examine the wildlife for a future excursion. He sees something glowing blue/green on the ocean floor and goes to investigate. As he gets closer he sees a sting ray lying on the sand. He wonders why it's glowing and decides to try to bring it home to put in a tank and as he touches it, the ray sparks with blue/green electricity and stings his right arm. As he cringes in pain he passes out. He wakes up on the shoreline with a singed mark on his arm and he thinks it was all a dream. He looks at his watch and it's shorted out. He gets up and walks back to his car and drives home. On his way home he stops at a pharmacy to get medicine for his wound and two guys with guns come rushing in to rob the store as he's paying. They tell him to move but he refuses, as the one goes to push Ullr, the same blue electricity runs from Ullr to the assailant, who falls to the ground. Startled, the other robber does the same thing and also gets shocked. Ullr rushes home, afraid to harm anyone else. Once home he sits down on his bed and puts his hands together and the sparks fly between his fingers. He stands up, puts on jeans and a hoodie and makes his way to his basement. At the base of the stairs lays a bat bag and his old hunting bow. Ullr grabs his gear and heads out to stop crime in his city.

Ability effects get more potent as the stages progress and Shock Ray unleashes his powers (Stage 1: scattered sparks - Stage 5: electrical pulses regularly)
Logo is a bow horizontal at the top (in the shape of the front of a ray), two axes vertical facing outward (in the shape of ray wings) and an arrow lying vertically with the arrowhead laying on the bow and the shaft pointing far downward (in the shape of a ray tail). The logo would look like the silhouette of a manta ray when pieced together.
Stage 1: Just a normal guy wanting to make a difference, jeans and a hoodie, makeshift mask, baseball bats and an old bow
Stage 2: Starting to take it seriously, makeshift suit, hatchets and a newer bow
Stage 3: Recognizable, names himself, professional spandex suit with logo (super cliché), modern fire axes and a compound bow
Stage 4: This is a full time job, prototype suit with logo, combat axes and a combat bow
Stage 5: Total crime fighting machine, axes shaped like manta ray wings, bow shaped like a manta ray, dark blue suit with manta ray features and blue/green accents and logo

Abilities: Weapons spark with blue/green electricity
Ability 1: Bladed Arrow (Thrown Axe) - Shoot a lightning bolt from the bow (Throw an axe overflowing with electricity)
Ability 2: Expose Weakness (Invigorate) - Bow begins to overcharge with lightning (Axes begin to overcharge with lightning)
Ability 3: Hail of Arrows (Glory Bound) - Shoot an arrow up and have it land with a small lightning explosion (Grappling hook swing to target location, lands with a shock blast)
Ability 4: Wield Axes (Wield Bow) - Green superhero Logo comes up when switching stance (Blue superhero logo comes up)

Tried my best to describe things to help visualize. Hope you guys like the idea! Thanks.