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06-02-2017, 02:26 PM
Skadi turns into a dragon slaying like warrior with a spear that looks similar to a dragon's head. Her companion Kaldr with his wolf like appearance and armor.

Skadi ability 1: She throws her spear and it spirals with flames following creating a devasting look.

Skadi ability 2: Skadi sends Kaldr to pounce on enemies with his sharp fangs. The icon will also look different.

Skadi ability 3: Skadi's ice will have changed to molten rocks and lava similar to Terra's third ability. Lava will be gushing out of it while the enemies slide on the liquid substance.

Skadi ability 4: Similar to her third ability, but with spiraling flames around Skadi and Kaldr. Skadi's spears will also take a different shape so when she throws her spear, it transforms to small dragon heads burning the enemies.

Skadi Lv 1-5: Skadi starts with little to no armor, just light armor and a helmet.

Skadi Lv 5-10: Skadi gains more of a modern warrior with some armor like a breast plate and boots and guantlets.

Skadi Lv 10-15: Skadi gains captain like armor and finger claw like guantlets giving her a sharper look.

Skadi Lv 15-20: Skadi gains metal wings on her armor and a devasting general looking helmet. Kaldr transforms similar to Skadi, but without the wings.