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06-02-2017, 02:19 PM
Soo the way I envisioned it was Skadi as a demon hunter priestess and her familier Kaldr.
Kaldr will hover around the player in a chibi version of his current stage and he will be summoned into battle from this state into a full grown different version of himself depending of what stage hes at.
Skadi will have a Shinto priestess outfit and a spear that transform along side Kaldr.

Visuals: per stage ( I will leave the outfit design to whoever can draw it, but roughly just imagine a japanese priestess or shrine maiden)

1st stage. Ordinary shrine maiden-Skadi will have a simple wooden spear that has a talisman attached to the body of the spear and Kaldr will look like a simple black wolf.

2nd stage. Core disciple-Skadi will now have and Adorned wooden Spear with some talismans attached to it. Kaldr will now have gold tattoos on his fur.

3rd stage. Shrine priestess-Skadi will now wield a black metalic spear with a single red talisman attached to the butt of the shaft. Kaldr will know have flames in his paws and six Will-O-Whisps around his Collar

4th stage. Demon huntress- Skadi will now have a Golden Spear with a black talisman and with writings in gold at the end of the spear. The spear will emit small lightning snakes around the shaft. Kaldr will now change into a fire elemental( he will basically be fire).

Abilities: per stage(the japanese characters at the final stage of each ability is in kanji)

1. Piercing Cold(not soo cold)
From stage 1-2 skadi will throw the spear she is equiped with according to the description of the spear per stage.

Stage 3. Skadi flashes a talisman that shoots an electric spear at the enemy.

Stage 4. Skadi no longer requires talismans and creates a devestating electric spear from the character of LIGHTNING and hurles it at the enemy.

2. Rune of the Hunt
Stages 1-3 Kaldr is summoned through a talisman.

Stage 4- the japanese character for FIRE is displayed and Kaldr is summoned by it.


Stage 1-2 a talisman appears on the ground and freezes the area.

Stage 3- a bunch of talismans appear on the ground freezing a larger vecinity( area scales of lv soo same here)

Stage 4- the japanese character for ICE appears at the targeted location freezing the area.

4.Winter's Grasp

Stage 1-2 A simple shower of divine light forms around Kaldr and Skadi rooting and purifying enemies.

Stage 3- Golden ropes of light will now entangle rooted enemies.

Stage 4- A golden japanese character for SEAL appears and shackles rooted enemies in chains.

*Ok soo I cant draw but if someone likes this concept and decides to pick it up feel free to post the art work yourself and have fun with it.

06-02-2017, 02:35 PM
Any comments or suggestions let me know. Also i cant draw stick figures soo i wont be able to art

06-03-2017, 10:57 PM
My art skills are a bit rusty, but I love this concept and am willing to give drawing it for you a shot. I might mess around with a few different color options, but I really like your depictions of the spear.

Edit: draw some pictures of Kaldr riding a cloud for the passive/spirit form.
http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/Kameko_Hana/Yokai%20Hunter%20Skadi%20and%20Kaldr%20Concept%20A rt/IMG_20170603_2323142051_zps9oea2sjr.jpg
Stage 2 with the markings

http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/Kameko_Hana/Yokai%20Hunter%20Skadi%20and%20Kaldr%20Concept%20A rt/IMG_20170603_2347574581_zpsm5q9frcx.jpg
Stage 3 with the bead necklace and flame cloud

http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii85/Kameko_Hana/Yokai%20Hunter%20Skadi%20and%20Kaldr%20Concept%20A rt/IMG_20170603_2357134631_zpslg8s534x.jpg
Stage 4 with will-o-wisp necklace and flames added to the ears and tail. Not quite the full fire elemental you were thinking of, but I don't draw fire too well, and this is just a concept drawing.

06-04-2017, 05:05 AM
Yep that looks very good for the chibi version(1000x better than whatever I could draw XD). The thing about the fire elemental summon, I imagine it looking with the same transformation styles as the ones in the Sun Wukong's skin "SUN WU XING" . For skadi herself the wardrobe can stay pretty much the same or it can be adapted to however you feel like. I think with just the shinto set itwould look good enough but if you can change it along the stages thats good 2