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06-02-2017, 02:03 PM
Prehistoric Poacher Skadi

Tier 1- Skadi starts in primitive clothing very ancient caveman garb, large spear with primitive arrowhead attached,kaldr at this point is a small sabertooth tiger. Her ultimate can be a wind storm or dirt and leaves. Ice can have fish or some sort of visual underneath it.

Tier 2- Skadi layers herself in war paint from mud and armor of small animal pelts and bone. Her spear is made of a large bone with a animal tooth as the spear head. Kaldr is a young sabertooth tiger building more muscle and having more prominent fangs.

Tier 3- Skadis war paint is red from blood, her armor is more refined leathers and has accessory bags or pouches around her waste. Her spear becomes more ornate with leather strapping and bead work. Kaldr is a fully grown aged sabertooth tiger with war paint and battle scars, chipped fang. Gray hair around face.

Tier 4- Skadi is wearing the full pelt of Kaldr who has since passed away. Turned into fully formed armor with bone incorporated, she has beaded hair pieces . Kaldrs claws are worked into the spear design. Kaldr still exists in spirit form by her side, possibly green in color to establish from his other spirit form and make him more earth based.

06-03-2017, 07:36 PM
Awesome idea I would love to see this progression of skadi!