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06-02-2017, 02:00 PM
Skadi T5

Hear me out and feel free to input your idea, because I feel like it's a bloody good concept. It's inspired by modern and contemporary Cyberpunk/Neo Noir aesthetic à la Blade Runner / Ghost in the Shell. I feel like I need to mention it now, all abilities and basic attacks need new Sound Effects obviously, I just don't want people to think that if I'm not mentioning it that it means to keep the standard ones.

Level 1 - 4: Skadi and Kaldr start out as police officiers / bounty hunters, both of them can work. Skadi is wearing futuristic clothes made of real fabric with a bit of electronic gear to compliment her occupation purposes. Kaldr is a wolf sized Husky with tactical equipment, but he has to be all flesh, he's still a complete animal.

Basic Attacks: Skadi uses a electrical spears, a bit like Peacekeeper/Enforcer Athena, and Kaldr can attack normally for now, he needs to retain those animal like features.

-Piercing Cold: Skadi throws her spear and add some electricity effects to make it look like this is a powerful throw.
-Rune of the Hunt: Nothing needs to be mentioned here in terms of ability. For cool visual purposes make his target have a mark above them that looks like a wanted poster with one star.
Permafrost: Sliding liquid, pure white in color.
Winter's Grasp: Skadi and Kaldr surround themselves with smoke screens.

Level 5 - 9: Skadi and Kaldr have upgraded themselves a bit. Skadi now has a cyborg eye, an upgraded electrical spear that looks deadlier, her clothes still have fabrics, but it's about half now, her right arm is now mechanical to make sure she stays ahead in a fight with the vermins of her city, VA-11 HALL-A. She looks more experienced and more determined, less rookie.
Kaldr has a set visors covering his eyes, he has now two cyborg legs to improve tractions on all terrain.

Basic Attacks: Skadi has an upgraded spear as mentioned above, so it goes without saying what are her basic attacks. For Kaldr, you could potentially make it look more silly if he fights with a neon-knife in his mouth, but I feel like it could be cool and hilarious at the same time, read less dramatic Sif from Dark Souls.

-Piercing cold: Again, it goes without saying that the spear looks more menacing.
-Rune of the Hunt: Skadi now fights much harder targets and the mark above them looks more visually stimulating and features two stars.
-Permafrost: The white liquid also has electricity running through it to make it more efficient at stopping crime.
-Winter's Grasp: Skadi and Kaldr now uses an electric looking grid around them to root their enemies. Every tick, the current gives a shock.

Level 10 - 14: Skadi and Kaldr are further losing their flesh like appearances. Skadi is now close to being full cyborg. Her white hair needs to be untouched though, the last true bit of her that is still very much human. She has a jaw line piece à la Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance She has fully mechanized limbs and now wears fully electric-current gloves around her artificial hands to create energy spears. Her voice has robots echo in it since she replaced her vocal cords with artifical ones because of too much exposure to her smokescreen earlier in her career. Kaldr is almost unrecognizable. He's looking more and more like a mecha dog. He looks less bulky in shape, more streamlined. His main body is protected, but you can still see a dog underbelly. He wears a full robot mask now. He now has a voice as well, albeit a very basic one. He cannot structure complete sentences, but can respond with simple "Acknowledged, In Pursuit, Suspect Apprehended", etc.

Basic Attacks: Skadi now creates her own spear thanks to the special gloves that she's wearing. I don't have a specific color in mind, but, light blue, flashy purple or sunset orange could be some good ideas. Kaldr now fights with his mechanized mouth. Sharp piercing teeth have replaced his fragile canine obsolete dentition.

Piercing cold: Animation has to remain the same "delay", but Skadi creates a more powerful spear using her two hands and volts it at her opponent.
Rune of the hunt: The mark above the enemies has an improved UI to really make sure she's taking on the proper target and now the stars have gone up to three.
Permafrost: Skadi has really upped her tech. She doesn't need the liquid any longer. She can now hack into the grid the players are walking on now and make it unstable, making them skid across when they step on it. The grid also rejects their input and sparkles damage those who walk on it. She does so by waving her hands around to engage the hack.
Winter's Grasp: Skadi and Kaldr now have creeping sentient wires coming out of their body, spinning and entangling everything in their path.

Level 15 - 20 : Skadi and Kaldr have fully immersed themselves in the machine. Skadi is now full cyborg with her hair being the last thing still visible, but synthetic black hair now runs through them as well. She doesn't have a human face any longer. All of her body has been replace with robot parts. As a good contrast and to show her will to still have human like appearances, she wears a very long, but thin jacket that almost touches the ground. Kaldr is fully robotic as well. Not a shred of his canine origins are visible except for the shape of his body only there to mimic his roots. He is fully voiced now, very robotic, but fully voiced. Since he doesn't need a physical mouth any longer, they have replaced his method of fighting with two energy powered fangs mounted directly on the side of his face. Think Kerberos Bucue from Gundam Seed C.E. 73 Stargazer.

Basic Attacks: Skadi is in total control of her body, she seems to throw the energy spears with less body mention, emphasizing that she has less wasted motions. Kaldr does the same as well, his strikes look more vicious and more precise.

-Piercing Cold: Skadi summons that spear with only one hand now, but throws it with so little hand movement that it looks almost unreal.
-Rune of the Hunt: As Skadi and Kaldr went through the ranks, they are now tactical operatives and only hunt the most lethal of all targets. The mark above the enemies shows a small portrait of the target and now have a four star ranking.
-Permafrost: The grid still appears to make people slide across it, but Skadi only needed to raise her hand at her chest level to command the hack. The grid is also more complete with a lot more datastream going through it.
-Winter's Grasp: Skadi and Kaldr still release their wires around them and this time they have doubled in number, plus, small nanobots in the air that attach themselves to the feet of their targets are released around Skadi and Kaldr. They make small buzz like sound as they fly through the air.

When in her first stage, Skadi needs to sound like she's a rookie. That doesn't mean the voice has to be "cute" or more "vulnerable", but what she says as to reflect her humble but strong beginnings.
As she reaches her second stage, she sounds a bit more wise, but certainly a bit more pessimistic. The world she lives in is after all a dystopia neo-noir like environment. When she's on a kill streak for example though, she could sound excited as this job is still her purpose in life and only finds true enjoyment at doing what she does best.
Her third stage needs to reflect the excitement of getting all those new upgrades. She feels more in control. She has more experience but her life gets a new shock to the system as she can now push herself even more than her previous human shell.
To mix up her taunts and jokes, she can now interact with Kaldr a bit more, but he's still very basic in terms of responses.
For her final stage, she needs to sound in complete control and an aura of melancholy needs to settle in a little bit more here and there. After all, she's at the top of her game now. She loves the fact that she's now hunting the toughest targets, but everytime she defeats one of them, she finds herself a bit disappointed that the challenge was not up to her very high abilities. Don't make it sound like she's jaded about the whole thing as she's still doing what she likes in life, but she realizes that she pushed hard to modify her body to make it to the top and now realizes the top might be a bit lonely. Upon getting killed, she could even expressed having finally meet worthy opponents in blazing glory. Taunts and jokes can be played a lot more with Kaldr now that he is sorta sentient now.

A lot of stuff you guys can give me feedback on. I'm very open about this idea despite the lots of details I have implemented in this. It's really a shame I can't draw for shit, because I have a vision here. It's not laziness I swear. God, if only I could draw...

Anyway, feel free to expand on this idea or if you are a talented artist, to make it come alive. Altough I'm open to suggestions, I feel like I'm onto something here. I mean, I could be wrong, but man does this idea sounds great in my head.

BTW: About my vocabulary and some grammar as well, forgive me as I'm french-canadian and english is my second language and not my native tongue.

I'll leave some image references for now and may add more later when I'm home (currently at work lol).http://danbooru.donmai.us/data/__original_drawn_by_antoine_collignon__c77263a798d 187be6ee1df338e632253.jpg
The image might be too big for the forum. Just right click and "open image in new tab".

What I was on about regarding Kaldr's appearance in his final stage. Screencap from the 2nd episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E. 73 Stargazer as a pack of Kerberos Bucue make quick work of the Blue Duel Gundam.
Start 0:48 for the carnage.

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