View Full Version : Medusa "Assimilated Species" Tier 5 skin concept

06-02-2017, 01:47 PM
The concept is that it is a primal race similar in appearance to a sea scorpion which is contacted by a galactic council and as a result undergoes rapid cultural and technological development. Each tier roughly represents the rough concept of either past, present or future technology.

To be clear I'm not the best artist and my writing is a bit hard to read especially when I've used a phone camera and accidentally posted one of the images upside down. Link Here (https://imgur.com/a/N5a2i). All the abilities are on there, but I'll list them here as well for the sake of legibility.

Stage 1-Uncontacted

Viper Shot- Medusa secretes acid out of mandibles onto arrowheads in order to poison them, arrows have green trail
Acid Spray- Medusa raises her head and opens up her lower jaw by extending mandibles to ~140 degrees and sprays acid from her throat
Lacerate- The plating on medusa's back slides down the outside of her major arms. As she moves forward her middle is projected further ahead so her miniature graspers can hold her target, she the slices in an x shape with her major arms to rend the targets flesh with the plating
Petrify- The plating on medusa is pulled outwards by the webbed membrane between plates in order to create a peacock like display as she channels the ultimate. Upon the ultimate taking effect the seam that runs along the middle of medusa's body bursts open spewing out copious amounts of slime which coat those looking directly and encase the feet of foes who are not

Stage 2-Early Introduction

Viper shot- Medusa loads explosive ammo into her gun, the bullets are trailed by burning iron filing effects and create small explosions upon impact
Acid spray- Medusa throws a grenade using one of her smaller arms (graspers) which explodes upon hitting a target causing a plane of shrapnel and similar burning iron filing effects
Lacerate- as with stage 1
Petrify- as with stage 1

Stage 3-Full Assimilation

Viper Shot- Medusa's lasers, laser guns and holograms change colour
Acid Spray- The Bulbous screen on Medusa's head compresses in order to fire a plasma grenade out of Medusa's mouth, the grenade explodes into a plane of blue-purple plasma upon contact with the target.
Lacerate- As Medusa dashes towards her target the wires that make up the front of her torso untangle, upon contact with the target these wires will ensnare the target. She then uses the sharpened undersides of her arms in order to slash repeatedly at the ensnared victim.
Petrify- Medusa Compresses her body in order to fire the jets of steam at the region she intends to petrify. The steam then darkens as grey goo is mixed into the steam . The grey goo attacks victims by encasing them and converting the outer layers of their bodies into metal with blue pulsing veins

I like the idea that the music theme could also evolve parallel with medusa starting with a primal version, then moving onto a high octane rock orientated version and finally a space version with each part incorporating features of the previous versions. I think that developing with levels closest fits the evolution over time nature of the skin and would tend to imagine changes at Lv.7 and Lv.14. Finally if anyone wants to create digital versions of my drawings or just draw them better then that's fine. I would love to hear any ideas or improvements and thank you for your time and consideration.