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Minibull 27
06-02-2017, 01:41 PM
Level 1-5:
Outfit - Hou Yi Starts off in a generic astronaut overalls without his helmet and safety out-aware with a backpack on to store his ammunition. walks on ground like normal Hou Yi. He also has the badges of the earth on his suit to represent the worlds hes been too. I use the badges to represent where the explorer Hou Yi has been.
Weapon - A generic pistol (like a glock-18) that shoots normal bullets.
Level 5-10:
Outfit - Hou Yi now has an astronaut outfit on with his helmet closed with his backpack now becoming oxygen storage container. he walks with lower gravity similar too swagni but more serious. He now gains a badge of the Earth, Moon and Mars on his uniform.
Weapon - Now uses a ray gun that shoots light beams.
Level 10-15:
Outfit - Hou Yi helmet is now open and has dark-mata pulsing into and around his body, his suit is torn/beaten revelling the blue overalls below. His oxygen bag has exploded and has dark-mata pulsing out. He also increases in size slightly whilst staying mostly levitated but will fall to the ground rarely when walking, leaving footprints behind. he gains Venus and Jupiter badge but they are started to become torn and battered.
Weapon - his ray gun has now fused to his arm with dark-mata, his bullets stay the same but have a dark-mata trail surrounding it when fired.
Level 15-20:
Outfit - Hou Yi legs have now been change to a cloud of purple space that leaves a trail behind him when moving, with the upper part of him still resembling a human and is covered in space themed colouring and effects. his backpack has now became a waterfall of dark-mata supplying the cloud with movement, It also has miniature planets flowing down the waterfall and around the cloud until eventually they sink into him(the planets will then be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because it was once the 9th and he shoots down 9 suns "this makes sense when you read his ultimate visuals").
Weapon - his gun has now gone and he puts his hand outwards and shoots crystals shrouded in space-clouds. on impact is shatters and leaves a particle effect.

Ability 1 - Ricochet:
1-5 :Normal bullet ricochet, perhaps give it a old movies ricochet sound for the comedic effect
5-10 :Have the light beam bounce as a laser would reflect from a mirror.
10-15 :Stick with a similar sound as with the laser but give it a smokey trail, perhaps leave a mark where it had ricochet off of that lasts for 10 seconds.
15-20 :Same as above but with crystal effect/audio but have the cloud be more deep/intense in colour and visuals

Ability 2 - Mark of the Golden Crow
1-5: Mark the enemy with the planet earth above them
5-10 : Then have the mark switch between Earth, Moon and Mars
10-15 : Same but with Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter
15-20 : Same but with all the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Perhaps add a glowing effect around the edge of this one depending on the final colour that would be picked for the character (purple I always like for space)

Ability 3 - Divebomb
1-5 : Hou Yi pulls out a grapple and shoots at the sky pulling himself up onto a platform, he then jumps down towards his landing position blowing dust outwards around him.
5-10 : Hou Yi's a breathing/connection wire comes out of Hou Yi's bag pulling him upwards, once up he floats around before dropping down making 0 noise and 0 effects (as hes in space and there is no air/noise to create motion/noise.
10-15 : dark-mata from his backpack container explodes upwards pulling Hou Yi up. he then stays there motionless and drops down with a small purple cloud blowing outwards around him.
15-20 : Hou Yi now levitates upwards and sitting in his cloud patiently with his arms crossed and the planets out rotating above his head. He then crashes down to the ground with waves of mata spreading outwards from him with the small planets riding the waves, they then return to him when the waves/animation is over.

Ability 4 - Sunbreaker
1-5 : With this ability Hou Yi shoots the earth,moon and sun down 3 times each. The flooring below is grass and concrete to represent the earth he stands on.
5-10 : He know shoots down Earth, Moon and Mars 3 times. The flooring now is black with stars on the ground and a sun in the distance).
10-15 : Hou Yi now shoots down Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and moons. The flooring is similar to the one before but now has purple swirling throughout it almost as if space is being taken over.
15-20 : Hou Yi now shoots all 9 planets (if we include Pluto) in order. the flooring design is now entirely space themed with purple mata swirling throughout it giving a vibe of chaos.

Passive - Suntouched
This is a hit or miss but perhaps when Hou Yi is critically hit, his character could show that his passive is in effect.
1-5: His jacket could glow
5-10: His helmet could crack
10-15: When it initially occurs his backpack could send a ball of mata upwards dissolving as it rises
15-20: his upper body could pulse change colour slightly whilst smoke/clouds rise from his head similar to gemini agni buy with greater height.

Sorry if there is spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Hope you understand the concept I'm going with and the 9 suns - our 9/8 planets concept im trying to push

Added some images to try and help what im getting at.
once i figure out how to

Level 1-5
Level 5-10/10-15
Level 5-10 is the same as 10-15 just without the damages such as intact outfit and oxygen tank with visor on helmet down
Level 15-20
Back showing waterfall/hair/black hole where planets come from

Basic attack at 15-20
Sorry its sideways

Have any questions ask away, i will look at this post everyday till 19th June to answer your questions

Note: some of what I put wont/may not be technically possible

Minibull 27
06-02-2017, 01:43 PM
Be happy to add to it if you come up with constructive criticism. And talk about the skin idea in this comment section

06-02-2017, 01:45 PM
great idea and really well thought out.

06-02-2017, 01:47 PM
The mark could be an alien head or even jut an astronaut helmet.

06-02-2017, 02:02 PM
I love this one, even tho I'd like a Ullr T5 skin

Minibull 27
06-02-2017, 02:05 PM
I was thinking the same thing, but Ullr doesn't have flashy abilities so the skin can't reach max potential, although I bet their will be a genius that comes up with one :)

Minibull 27
06-02-2017, 02:28 PM
yeah this would be easier as the skin atm seems like alot. Could even have the alien face change throughout starting as a generic alien such as Ah Puch skin "Galactic Invader" head, to a more serious one as the character levels.

Minibull 27
06-02-2017, 02:33 PM
I will draw up some designs on paper, although im not a good drawer so it will just be used to assist what i wrote, rather than show exactly what i meant

06-02-2017, 03:28 PM
This is a pretty cool idea