View Full Version : Shadow Taming Skadi. Tier5

06-02-2017, 01:27 PM
My idea is a skadi skin with dark theme, a skadi that is transformed by levels like thanatos T5, in level 1 would start with something basic, a skadi with dark clothes, its ice spear will be black like a dark shadow pretty. Kaldr would also be transformed, starting as a small shadow wolf to which shadows emerge. As he level up both he and skadi would start to sprout darkness, as shadows coming out of the ground, while kalrd level up anger becoming slightly larger and you will see appearing a black armor as skin skin sun or agni With space theme, same for skadi it begins to sprout nua armor of this type, while his spear is also taking a different form, the skadi 1 leaves a trail of shadows in the air, his 3 also leaves as a void on the map , Its definitive does that they begin to rotate great amount of shades around, while going up of level can be added more visual effects to his abilities, also would be great that comes with a global emoticon, this would be similar to the one of anubis but instead To fill the map with fire, this would make everything dark and in the sky appear demonic shadows flying in all directions.

Kalrd model:

06-02-2017, 02:53 PM
nice ideia