View Full Version : "Born in the wild" Skadi

06-02-2017, 01:24 PM
I am thinking skadi as a young child get her own wolf as a companion for her jurney to an adult. Were she is in tier 1 a girl that is super exited over her own wolf. You can see that wild and exited face and the ript cloth, becuse she allways running true the woods. Her spear is a stick that she just have sharped the end. Her wolf is more of a puppy then a full grown wolf at this time. At her tier 2 she have become a teen that have more realise what the worlds dangers are. Were she rely more on her wolf to "save her". Her spear have gotten more advace with a sharp stone at the end. The wolf have also gotten older and ready to protect her. At her tier 3 skin she have become a young adult. Were she fights more with her wolf then the wolf is there to protect her. You can se that she have gotten a few battelscars and so have the wolf that protected her as a child and a teen. She also have a new grip on her spear now and some more advance spear so show she have grown. At tier 4 she is a adult and look for battle head on. She and her wolf have become one and the same mind. Were they fear no one in battle. She is still wild but more calm and strong in her face. Her cloth are still ript at some places but more becuse she has been wearing them out. The wolf have started to get a bit grey in his furr and have old deep scars over his body.

This may need a deeper story to were she is from. And need likley to have someone to draw a awesome concept art for hi-rez to see how amazing this skin can be.