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06-02-2017, 01:17 PM
So basically the skin I have in mind is an ancient Greek Medusa, but instead of Perseus killing her, she's left to roam— and through the years, she eventually petrifies herself. The key thing I have in mind is keeping her bipedal through every tier, to really solidify her T5 appearance and keep it from looking too much like her default.

First Tier (Levels 1-4): A beautiful priestess that uses a simple recurve bow and arrows, wearing a traditional toga, or some other form of robe, and a laurel hair band.

Viper Shot: Holy Auras that surround her, when they hit an enemy, they glow a vibrant gold.

Acid Spray: Splashes holy water on the enemies with an opulent jug/vase.

Lacerate: A mad dash, latches on to the enemy with golden marks.

Petrify: Not applicable, as this is before her being raped by Poseidon, and cursed by Athena.

Second Tier (Levels 5-9): The freshly cursed Medusa, who walks on two legs, covered in scales, and bears a slightly tattered toga like the one she used before, but is now equipped with a mask, and possibly a headdress to hide her snakes, as she is still mortified at the thought of her appearance. She uses the same bow as before, but a large snake has wrapped itself around the limbs of it.

Possible voiceline for transformation: "But Athena, I devoted my life to you!"

Viper Shot: surrounds her with a belt of snakes, when they make contact with an enemy, the snakes are shown to latch on and bite for the duration of the DoT.

Acid Spray: A vile green/yellow color that glows for a moment after impact (think of the blood that the Predator has).

Lacerate: Medusa shrieks and dashes forward, using her claws to root the targeted god. Same color FX as the Acid Spray.

Petrify: I thought it'd be interesting to kinda leave some of the god unpetrified for this first part, as she's kinda like, new to the whole turning folks to stone thing. Let 'em show a little skin.

Third Tier (Levels 10-14): Medusa has killed many mortals over the years, donning some of the armor/clothing that her victims have worn, and basking in her garden of statues. She no longer wears a headdress and has accepted herself for what she is. However, as time would have it, she isn't immortal as she once thought, and has begun to turn to stone herself. Her arms and legs turn a slate color and are cracked, with a green aura emanating from said cracks.

Possible voiceline for transformation: "I'm starting to feel... cold."

Viper Shot: Fires stone snakes at the opponents that crumble on impact and cause the target to bleed (similar effects as Daji's passive).

Acid Spray: Launches a crusty pile of sediment and venom at her prey, which also glows slightly, but not as bright as before.

Lacerate: She dashes, leaving a trail of dust behind her, and when she latches on to her prey, there is a large crushing noise, and her crying out in pain, with rocks falling from the target.

Petrify: The targets become fully entombed in rock, but have the same cracking effect as Medusa's stone affliction spots, glowing a bright green.

Fourth Tier (Levels 15-20): Medusa has succumbed to time, being fully enveloped as a marble statue. Her eyes, along with her snakes, glow a bright green. A green wispy aura, the same color as her and her snakes' eyes surrounds her. Rather than using a bow, she throws shards of marble at her targets.

Possible voiceline for transformation: "Wisdom is what terrified me. Terror made me cruel."

Viper Shot: Marble statue heads surround her, and when fired, they turn into bladed shards that cause the target to glow with a white light for the DoT duration.

Acid Spray: Medusa spits a block of marble at her target that shatters on impact, leaving the same white aura as the viper shot.

Lacerate: She whispers something haunting as she dashes forward at her target, leaving a trail of the glowing green wisps behind. If she connects with the target, the slash animation leaves the target glowing in a greenish color.

Petrify: Medusa turns the target into a pure white statue that dons the same glowing green wisps that she does. If you run past the statue, it will call out "help... please..." or let out a cry of terror.

I'll try to get some art done for this, or have someone that's better at art than myself do it, as I feel like it'd give me a stronger shot. If you made it this far, I love you. Thanks, and let me know what you think/would suggest!

Update: I had a friend do some art to give a general idea of what it would look like before HiRez does the full on polishing— http://imgur.com/a/xU1IN

06-02-2017, 03:06 PM
Nice Idea, Although it comes incredibly close to my idea. I posted it before you , but hopefully Hi Rez could use both of our ideas and take elements of both to form a T5. I mean, personally. If 2 people have had the same idea its gotta show what a fair amount of people like? ;)

06-02-2017, 03:07 PM
I love that. Really an amazing concept, and i'd like to see this in game

06-10-2017, 08:33 PM
I'd typed this up right after hunters got announced as the winning class, so I do apologize if I seemed to intercept your idea or anything! However I absolutely am praying she makes it into the running <3