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06-02-2017, 12:46 PM
Hou Yi Tier 5 skin idea based around the native culture of indigenous americans.
1st form: Young native american, probably around 10-12. Shirtless with long wild black hair, moccasins and animal skin pants that are worn and torn. Carries an old, weak bow and shoots simple arrows. Ricochet will be an old arrow that he shoots, Mark of the Golden Crow will mark the enemy with a young chick. Dive bomb will show him climb a young tree and hang off the top until he dives off.
2nd form: Older, probably around 16, still shirtless with bigger muscles and few battle scars. His pants are adorned with different animal pelts from his hunts and his shoes are sturdier and cleaner. His hair is now in a braid and he uses a stronger, more seasoned, long bow. Ricochet is a sturdier, more colorful hunting arrow, while Mark of the Golden Crow now marks enemies with a young bird older than a chick. Dive bomb shows him climbing a fuller, more grown tree where he stands at the top until diving off. His ult, Sunbreaker, shows a small campfire lit across the area of effect. It starts shooting different powders out of the sky and forms a young colorful bird above the flames.
3rd form: Older still, around 20-25, now a seasoned warrior with more muscle and scars. Now wears a open vest made from deer skin with feathers and frills. Sports some war paint on chest and face. Wears pants that are trimmed in color with different beadwork on the legs and sturdy deer skin boots. Carries an upgraded recurve bow a thicker string and bigger arrows. Ricochet is a more complex arrow with different fletching colors and a bigger head. Mark of the Golden Crow now marks enemies with a mature hawk. Dive Bomb shows him jumping into a larger tree and hanging off of a large branch until diving down. Sunbreaker now shows a bigger fire with colorful powders falling and a larger, older but still young eagle above the flames.
4th form: Mid-30s, seasoned and decorated warrior adorned with a fox belt scarf and mohawk headress made of eagle feathers. More war paint on both face and arms with a larger deer skin vest adorned with the image of a crow. Hair is now longer with two braids, and pants are much flashier with more beadwork and imagery and he wears sturdier footwear. His bow now has feathers attached to either end and has a arrow rest on the handle. His arrows are now bigger and more sturdy with a sharper head and feathers. Ricochet is now a fancier arrow with feathers hanging off of it. Mark of the Golden Crow now marks enemies with an adult hawk and Dive Bomb shows him jumping into an older tree that has an owl on one of the branches and he sits on the branch until diving off. Sunbreaker now shows a much bigger fire with bigger, more colorful powder and a large eagle spread above the flames.
5th and final form: Older man, late 40s, seasoned warrior and war chief. He wears a large flowing headress and a fox and rabbit pelt cape. His vest is now a shirt with more visuals and color, with war paint on his face. His face is more worn with many scars, and now wears earrings. His hair is white with one long braid and different beads woven in. He wears more simple, one color pants with beadwork around the waist and sturdy moccasins. His bow is now carved with different symbols similar to a totem pole with flashy arrows and feathers. Ricochet now shows a flaming, very large arrow with feathers. Mark of the Golden Crow now marks enemies with a large bald eagle with spread wings. Dive bomb show him climb a much older and more thuck and sturdy tree where he sits on a branch next to an old owl until diving off. Sunbreaker now show a very large bonfire, much more colorful powders and a large bald eagle spread over the flames.

I'd like to see what y'all think of this idea. Would love any comments with more details or changes.

06-02-2017, 01:18 PM
I love the idea!
Though I'm sure they'll end up having him rest on out of the way tree branches similar to Rat's ult over a full tree taking up the battlefield.

Darkmoon Ezio
06-02-2017, 01:34 PM
As someone of Native American ancestry, this concept sounds absolutely brilliant. Plus Hou Yi being a favorite of mine is a plus.
Hoping Hi-Rez goes with this honestly because not enough Native American references with skins in my opinion