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06-02-2017, 12:45 PM
Alright I suck at art so here's some photoshop to sell you on the idea but

Skadi: Monster Hunter

Starts levels 1-10 with low level hunter gear, mixture of basic metals and leathers to provide protection against various beasts; basic iron lance
Level 11+ upgrades armor to plate, looks more dragoon like, and lance is more decorated but still fairly basic in design


Kaldr: Bubble Fox

Kaldr is remodeled into something similar to the Mizutsune from MHX/Monster Hunter Generations. A long trickstery fox who spawns bubbles to mess with opponents. Enrages upon activation of ultimate, changing colors and activating a watery, bubbly vortex around it to root opponents


Not sure how to modify her 1 to fit a more aquatic rather than icelike theme, but for Permafrost and her ultimate, she would spawn watery zones that produce small bubbles as an effect