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06-02-2017, 12:41 PM
I'm very happy to start this thread since I love Skadi (and most of all Kaldr :P )
The concept I wanna introduce is Dragoon(half human half dragon fighter) Skadi and dragonspawn Kaldr("small" dragon that mainly uses his claws to attack but can also get engulfed in flames when dashing on enemy,it could also have more effects when dead or alive or grow in size during the match from a hatchling to a semi grown dragon)
Most of the pics I will show you are from artworks I searched for in google to give you some ideas to work on since I'm not an illustrator myself.

The first image shows you how I imagine Skadi to be as a dragoon
The next two how I imagine her spear to be
And the last two how I imagine her dragonspawn Kaldr to be although I would prefer something not that "wolflike"

Mods let me know if you have to edit to add a spoiler show/hide function cause I couldn't do it
Also for those who want the link to all of these pictures check here (http://imgur.com/a/IhXoz)

06-19-2017, 02:17 PM
Not the most detailed concept but I do like it. And while I've seen it somewhere else it actually is a good idea that Kaldr is like a hatchling at the start and then grows as the match goes on (to a reasonable size, not a two-story house sized dragon ofc), but Skadi should have some "transformations" on her own. Perhaps give her more powerful weapons and armor, bigger horns (just don't make them too big), some kind of an aura (perhaps fire) every 5 levels. Also, as I've mentioned in a similar post, this concept doesn't sit well with her lore but no one says that gods can't change and seek to gain other powers and forms.