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06-02-2017, 12:41 PM
This skin will change skin with each stance having a fire one and a ice one. The frost stance will be in his axe form and the fire stance will be in his bow form. It will also have a level transformation.

When switching stance he will have a puff of the element he is transforming into around him. nothing to big, just enough to cover the switch.

level 1-10:


Skin: This will be a frosy ullr, as if he is transforming into a frost character.He will still be mostly human and be in the style of an arctic explorer. slightly icy skin with some small ice shards coming out of him through the rips in his clothes . blue glow eyes but still have some human clothes on. puffy jacket ripped, ripped trousers that kind of thing. His beard will have frost in it and some small ice parts. His axes will be the ice climbing picks used to scale ice walls.

Combat effects:

autos: his autos will have a small puff of snow or flakes coming off whatever he hits.

1st ability: his one will throw the ice pick and leave a frosty blue trail behind it and burst snow on impact.

2nd ability: His picks will glow slightly blue. frosty aura around his weapons.

3rd ability: leaps does a small snow/ripple pile on impact.


Skin: This will be a fiery ullr, as if he is transforming into a fire character.He will still be mostly human and be in the style of an biker. slightly fiery skin with some hard lava rocks coming out of him through rips in his clothes. yellow glow eyes but still have human clothes on. leather jacket ripped and burnt off, ripped and burnt jeans trousers. one boots the other one is burnt or removed. His beard will glow slightly with embers in it. His bow will be a lava rock bow.

Combat effects:

autos: his autos will be small flame bolts and have ember impact effects.

1st ability: his one will shoot a bigger fire spike of lava rock.

2nd ability: His bow will glow yellow and smoke a little.

3rd ability: shoots a small lava rock into the air to land at target.

level 12-20:

When switching stance he will have a puff of the element he is transforming into around him. This will be a small shock wave on the ground around him as well as over his whole body to cover the transformation.


Skin: This will be a fully unclothed ullr with ice armour clothes instead. Much more ice on his skin, ice shoulder pads, ice chest piece ice boots all that stuff. He will leave icy foot prints two steps behind him. His beard will be mostly icicles and look a bit like a ymir beard. His weapons will be axes made our of the picks covered in a thick layer of ice.

Combat effects:

autos: his autos will have a small burst of ice come off anything he autos (possibly have minions turn icy when he kills them)

1st ability: his one will throw the ice pick and and leave an ice trail on the ground travailing to the target and burst into ice on impact (some ice effect on enemies if possible)

2nd ability: His axes will spew frost air off them and will have a chilling frost air coming off his whole character.

3rd ability: leaps will leave a ice aura where he leaped from and have ice spikes and aura come out where he lands.


Skin: This will be a fully fire transformed ullr with lava rocks as armour same as ice (same kind of thing as armour on molten Terra) his skin will be fire. his bow will be a flaming rock bow. His footsteps will have flames or be burnt into the ground. His beard will be a lava rock and on fire.

Combat effects:

autos: his autos will be fire rocks that burst into flames on impact.

1st ability: his one will shoot a fire and rock spike that will leave a flame trail as it travels and shoot flame off all hit targets.

2nd ability: His bow will glow red and shoot flames out of it/ is on fire. fire aura around him more.

3rd ability: shoots a large fire meteorite into the air for a creator impact on the ground with fire effects.

06-02-2017, 12:47 PM
Maybe instead of it starting off him him directly ice covered and flame covered, he starts off looking relatively normal. Like his ice stance has him with pale skin, blue and white fur clothes and white hair. His fire stance has him with more tanned skin, red and orange clothes of some sort and reddish or ginger hair. Then he leads into the ice skin and fire skin.

06-03-2017, 12:34 PM
yeah good point, that is kind of what i had in my head but guess i should make it more clear :D

06-03-2017, 12:43 PM
If anyone can see any part of the skin i haven't covered then please lat me know. it was a lot to write so probably missed something out :)

06-03-2017, 01:03 PM
Maybe add a few more intermediate stages to this, like this:
Stage 1 - axe : Frostbitten Ullr; he's pale, has snow in his beard and is trembling from frostbite wielding the ice climbing pickaxes
Stage 1 - bow : slightly burnt & charred Ullr; Ullr has burnmarks and charred patches of clothing along with a charred wooden bow
Stage 2 - axe : freezing Ullr, Ullr has icicles forming in his beard, has gone very pale and his hands and feet are frozen. Ullr wields small axes of ice.
Stage 2 - bow : Cinders Ullr, Ullr has flaming facial hair, flames coming from the bow & arrow and the fur patches in his original clothing are small flames.
Stage 3 - axe : Iceking Ullr, Ullr has taken off his hood, his beard is now entirely made of ice (like Ymir) and wears a crown of ice along with a chestpiece of ice while still retaining his original fur pants. He has hands and feet of ice (ending in a spiky formation) and uses big intrecate axes of ice. He also leaves a trail of frozen footsteps.
Stage 3 - bow : Firelord Ullr, Ullr is consumed by fire, his eyes glow, his beard and eyebrows are flames. He is barebacked with fire coming from his sides and shoulder areas with intrecate black and red tattoos on his chest and arms. He walks barefoot leaving a trial of burnt ground where he steps. His legs have flames coming from his knees while still wearing what seems like a charred loincloth (used to be his fur pants). And lastly his bow and arrows are made of fire (more or less like Hou Yi's arrows are).
It might be overkill but still food for thought.

06-03-2017, 01:16 PM
Overall, I guess it is a pretty good submission! I thought about something similar, but well... I'm bad at explaining ^^
Ullr just DESERVES to get a t5 skin and I hope, it will be something like this - it fits him so well! <3

06-03-2017, 01:17 PM
i was thinking about having more stages but i feel that the problem with the anubis skin is that you dont get enough time to play the character at each stage. so having two stages with two different skins in each stage lets you actually get some use out of the stage before it jumps to the next one. Did forget to mention his beard though thanks :P

06-03-2017, 01:18 PM
i actually dont like playing ullr at all ahaha but i respect people who can play him well and they deserve a good skin. plus his stance switch also change his skin was such a good idea i figured im ok with him getting the skin XD

06-03-2017, 01:28 PM
Isn't the whole point of a t5 skin (not thor xD) to start small, simular to the regular god and in increments change to this badass everyone wants with each tier till he hits his final form. In my last post I didn't think through what levels each tier would be but seeing Ullr can stance change from lvl1 it'd be best to put the brackets for 1-10, then 11-18 and 19-20 as a final form. This way you can enjoy the lower tiers a little longer than usual and the final form is still up the best part of a normal match.
I think level 5 was just too low for both Thanathos and Anubis, but it's the devs call and those skins both have 4 stages, this one has 3, giving more liberty in level brackets. Maybe they could add an in-game overlay above the character and hpbar where you can pick your stage once you hit it's minimum level and let the player choose what stage they want to be in.

06-03-2017, 01:33 PM
i suppose, but i was also taking hirez laziness into account and the fact they will have to make two skins for each stage. the skin as it is now already is 4 different skins in one.

06-03-2017, 05:56 PM
You're welcome for the beard. His beard isnt big but its a detail easily forgetten but very effective when used.
I understand your thoughtstream on 4 skins in 1 but I also feel that we have to surpass the last T5 with something new. Thinking deeper into this, I see his weapon transformation might just be that.
Also if I may be so shameless, please give my Constellation Hou Yi (http://forums.smitegame.com/showthread.php?167809-Costellations-Hou-Yi) a read. I put alot of thought into it and added some visual aid links here and there. I would appreciate any feedback.