View Full Version : Skadi *A girl and her pup*

06-02-2017, 12:38 PM
When I think of this this character, I see a fantastic between woman and canine, But maybe it wasn't always like this. With every story there's a beginning and I think it would be amazing to tell that story with this Skin. Skadi would start as a little girl with a small pupper, and as they fight and gain experience, Skadi would grow up, talk wiser and battle hardened, while her faithful companion would gain armor and be more stocky. Now as a father I would be honored if Hi-rez and the smite community would base her 1st tier design off of my daughter and our family dog cookie. (Her breed is a "Chug" Chihuahua/pug mix) thank you for your time and God's/deities bless. ^.^