View Full Version : Ice Dragon Medusa

06-02-2017, 12:29 PM
Keep the snake like approach with no back legs but give her wings. instead of acid spit she would breathe ice shards, lacerate dashes with a burst of the wings / grabs with the mouth instead of the hands if you hit someone. Her steroid would chill her enemies and form a gust of frigid air around her for the duration. For her ult she stretches out her wings and builds up a frost breath. After charging up the wings contract and push the frost pulse forward freezing all enemies that look at her and slowing all it hits. Her autos would be shards of ice either from her mouth or she would generate them and throw them, similar to the mutant from xmen (2 I think) that can generate spikes from his forearms and throw them

As she levels she gets bigger and gains more dragon like features.

At level 1 she would be smaller almost baby like and by 20 she should be fully grown and have all the features of a dragon

I have the imagination but not the skill so if anyone has the artistry feel free to take this and run with it.