View Full Version : [Jing Wei] Valkyrie with dynamic sking change and leveling progress changes.

06-02-2017, 12:11 PM
Jing wei in normal form has no wings, and she looks like military weared woman in clothes from old wars. She uses an ancient rusty crossbow. With sprial or lance-like form. When she ults she gets an elegant armor and blue-fire wings. Her body and armor are lit with those flames. At level 15 she turns into a modern military weared girl with modern or even scy-fi crossbow, and in her ult she gets powered exoskeleton. With jetpack wich has pretty large tails instead of wings. In progression of leveling her skin and ability kit her main colors changes from Sky Blues and White to Red and Black, with maybe orange on effects? (Jetpack exhausts are White-Blue colors i guess)