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L3gIt RECON k9
06-02-2017, 12:06 PM
Jing wei would keep her kind hearted spirit but also attain with something like freya with that beautiful fun but badass type
Lvl 1-4: Jing weis hair is in two brains or one, her hair is brown to compliment her normal model, or blonde. She will maybe have something like peasant clothing, but since she's a princess, she will have a skirt like she does but more civil looking.
Lvl 5-9: she will get SOME armor,this includes breastplate, and part of a winged helmet somewhat like a Valkyrie. Along with small shoulder plates and boots.
Lvl10-14 Jing wei will be rid of the skirt and get a new clothes, she will get a more armored and breast type armor plating, and belly less. But wear leather like material pants in the pattern of "red vengeance" nemesis pants. Her shoulder pads will get a medium upgrade, but now have a Chinese symbol
Lvl 15: The helmet will sprout natural bigger wings, the breastplate should be shaped and designed elegantly but now have glowy bits all over which are symbols and designs. The gauntlets will be enhanced these are armored fingerless gloves but armor. The boots grow a bit bigger and too have designs that I'd prefer glow. They CAN also have winged heels or tops. The shoulder plates would be soft round, but have glowy design if not, just designs. Her hair will stay a two side braids with hair let free in the back. The wings would have some armor but large in size compared to the normal models. The wings are white with maybe golden touches like nikes?
The bow stages: 1-4: it is of a bow that is not best appealing to the eye. Boring, but regal and nice.
5-9: the bow gets some upgrades, these are to the wings that when Jing wei flys with any of her abilities or uses her passive will flutter and make a dove type sounds. Nothing too loud, but the bow will get natural but armored steel wings and designs
10-15 The bow wings grow bigger, the bow matches Jing wei and has beautiful war designs that maybe glow? But the bow takes in a different direction and becomes spiky or edgy in corners? The bow gets increased armor in various more places with exposed areas being made of rainbow steel.
Her abilities are made of a rainbow but badass look, angelic inspired they could be white with gold trails and the auras and flying abilities will have a rainbow steel touch, maybe moving or pure.
This concept is resembling war, and badassary, I took a lot of inspiration from war gods, mostly freya.
I cannot make a concept, but in words, you have it.
And also, good luck everyone!