View Full Version : Medudesa Tier 5

06-02-2017, 12:04 PM
Along the line of the Anubis tier 5, but in this case:

1-4: A buff guy that makes comments (when buying items etc) about how a 'snake lady' was a pain in the neck, and things like that. Insinuating he had been bitten by medusa during an attempted 'courting'. The voice used is perhaps an Arnold Schwarzenegger type voice.

5-9: He has a more snake-like features, possibly a tail like medusa, but perhaps not yet. He makes more comments that are along the lines of 'not feeling well' or worry over what is happening to his 'rockin' bod' etc.

10-19: Looks more or less like medusa with a buff upper half that is male. The skin will look a bit more reds and yellows, bright warning colors. Using Atheris Hispida (Spiny Bush Viper) as a reference. Voices would include more sinister lines such as 'I'm just hunting prey, bro.'

20: At max level, the viper transformation is complete, his lines have completely been taken over by his viper hunting instincts and have become completely snake like. Scales in the style of the Atheris Hispada cover the majority of his body.

As far as a weapon goes, he would still use a bow, or could use something 'manly' like a more modern gun.