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06-02-2017, 11:18 AM
At level one Medusa has her lower body shaped like a caterpillar. She would have her upper body look human, maybe with traces of caterpillar skin. Her Snakes would be replaced with vines or leaves. Her bow would be a stick with a string of silk. As she levels up to level 5 her snake body becomes a hard green cocoon armor, and she could have some green cocoon spikes on her upper body. Her bow becomes green and armored as well. At level 10 she grows a pair of small wings in her back, and her bow is wood again, but has small flowers on it. Not sure what to do for her tail, but maybe it could be covered in moss, vines and flowers. Finally once she is level 15, her wings becomes huge and change color, the flowers on her bow and tail bloom and have glow effects. Her 2nd ability orbs could be butterflies that fly around her. I think her ult could be her blowing flowery essence, or magical essence on the enemies and they turn to statues covered in flowers or vines. She will pretty much look like a faerie with a tail. I thought a nice Medusa skin would be cool, since all the previous T5 skins have been intense. Also, we need a female T5!

06-02-2017, 11:54 AM
I like this idea! I also made a Medusa concept called banshee

06-02-2017, 11:59 AM
Yeah I saw that! Sounds cool too!

06-02-2017, 12:01 PM
Thankss IDC what skin I just want a Medusa T5

06-02-2017, 12:04 PM
Same lol ;)

06-02-2017, 07:42 PM
So after half a day of brainstorming with my friends I have come up with most of the design and abilities.

1st Form
Medusa has her tail replaced with a caterpillar body. The tail is mostly greenish yellow with orange and black spots. Her upper body will be human. She will have painted marking on her body, orange and black. Instead of snakes on her head she will have thorny vines. She will also wear a bra made out of vines, or twigs. Her quiver will be made out of silk, with some twigs and leaves stuck inside. Her bow is an uneven twig with silk as the bowstring. Her arrows will be twigs that have a thorn on the tip, with a leaf at the end. Her 1st ability will have Moths flying around her, or any other insect that you guys want :). Her 2nd ability will spit a brown ball, and the cone behind the hit target will be mud. Her dash will be pretty normal but she won't slither like a snake, but rather dash. Finally her ultimate will be her blowing something at the enemy (Water, mud?).

2nd Form
Medusa's tail becomes armored and scaled. Almost like a dragon's tail, but the scales are green and look like a cocoon. She will have cocoon spikes on her upper body, maybe some sharp ones on her forearms. Maybe she could wear cocoon armor, or just have her bra change to an armored one. Her quiver would be made out of cocoon scales. Her bow will also be made out of those cocoon scales with a silk string. Her arrows will be smooth twigs with a a sharp cocoon scale on the tip. Her 1st ability will have another insect flying around her, beetles maybe? Her 2nd ability will be her spitting a cocoon shard that splits into many when hitting an enemy. Her dash will most likely be the same as her normal one. Her ultimate will be her blowing something at the enemy yet again, please leave suggestions :).

3rd Form
Her tail will be made out of many vines with flower bulbs. All the cocoon parts will be gone, and she will have small butterfly wings on her back. Her quiver will be made out of vines with more flower bulbs. Her bow will be made out of white wood, with 1 big bulb at the center, and 3 smaller ones on each side. Her arrows will also be made out of the white wood, with a thorn on the tip, and a flower bulb on the back. Her 1st ability will have ladybugs flying around her. Her 2nd ability will be her spitting a flower and with other flowers coming out of the cone. Her 3rd ability will be the same as the normal one, unless you guys have better ideas :) Her ultimate will be similar to her to her 2nd ability, with her blowing flowers at the enemies.

4th Form
At this stage all the previous bulbs on her body and weapon will bloom into roses, or some other flower. The large bulb on her bow will be different though. Her wings will now be huge, I think it would be awesome if they changed color. Her 1st ability will now have butterflies flying around her. Her 2nd ability will be her spitting a ball that after impact will have a multitude of bugs flying at the enemy in a cone. Her dash will have her wings flutter as she moves forward. Finally her ultimate will be her blowing magical fairy or butterfly dust at the enemy. Statues will have vines and flowers growing on them, and bugs could fly around it as well, like the little asteroids on her Nebula skin. Finally I wanted to give her something awesome, like Anubis's sky box change, so I think it would be cool if she left a trail of grass and flowers behind her, and maybe bugs could follow her around as well.

I will now be working on the art, and will be adding new posts to this one.
If you like the skin concept please reply so that Hi-Rez could see that people like it.
Thank you for reading and good luck on your concepts :)

06-02-2017, 09:17 PM
Cool Skin Idea!

06-02-2017, 10:50 PM
Hey that's pretty good!

06-03-2017, 08:24 PM

So I'm not that great of an artist, but I tried my best and drew this in Paint.Net, this is her 1st form, levels 1-4
If you can draw better, please do! I encourage anyone who likes the skin to draw their own concept and reply to this post with the image attached.

06-04-2017, 09:39 AM
i have the same idea, such a cool concept! but i dont really think it may suit in game. but i like this!

06-04-2017, 02:28 PM
Bruh that drawing lmao