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06-02-2017, 11:08 AM
1st transformation(Lv. 1-4) He starts out as a young shaman around 19-21 years old with dark hair. For weapons he has stone axes and a bow made out of weak wood that makes creaky sounds when fired.
2nd transformation(Lv. 5-9) He grows a bit of a beard indicating that hes now a bit older (around 24-25 years old) he has stronger iron axes with a recurve bow with compound arrows.
3rd transformation(Lv. 10-14) He has a beard and now he is 28-29 years old, his axes begin to look like green projections that he can control,his bow has an enchantment that he no longer needs to draw arrows to fire(like Apollo), and his voice begins to sound like Khepri's indicating that he's becoming one with the nature.
4th transformation(Lv. 15-20)He is now in his mid 30s he has a full grown beard, his axes are green-like projections that he can make and summon at anytime, his bow is strong with powerful magic enchantments like shooting arrows that look like lightning, he can now summon arrows and no longer needs to draw arrows.His voice is really deep with echoes like Khepri's , his hair begins to grey out, he also looks more serious, sounds wiser.
He would look similarly to Mortal Kombat 9, Nightwolf http://img00.deviantart.net/f23f/i/2011/343/d/0/mk_legacy_nightwolf_by_esau13-d4in2wp.jpg
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