View Full Version : Zapman

03-21-2014, 04:00 AM
My favorite competitive streamer, so fun to watch, and you learn extremely much by just watching. Also, the viewers usually get to pick what Hunter he'll be in the next League game :)

03-21-2014, 04:45 AM
I love watching his Muzen cab, very fun.

03-21-2014, 01:51 PM
I watch Zap more than anyone else, probably because I main ADC and try to learn more by watching him. He's a smart and skilled player, and I enjoy his stream a lot.

03-21-2014, 02:28 PM
Great streamer... If he toned down the BM towards his other players. Not everyone plays for Team Dignitas yet he expects them to work perfectly, even when he's going wrong.

Also, warning to anyone who says anything in his Twitch chat: Be careful of Dante, he'll chew you up and spit you out if you don't worship him :P

03-22-2014, 01:02 AM
Such an amazing player, so skilled. I learn so much when i'm watching him.

03-24-2014, 07:18 PM
Watching Zap's stream has helped me a lot in Smite back when I played ADC. Just watching him improved my play a lot because it helped me understand builds and positioning. Plus he plays da best music (we listen to the same stuff :3 )