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04-28-2017, 10:47 PM
This forum is dedicated to customized graphics on this forum. All COC applies.

About Graphic Workshops

Graphic Workshops are used for Graphic Artists to advertise their GFX Skills to people, and act as a topic for people to request specific graphics from that artist.

Asking for Custom Graphics

- - - Be clear about what you're requesting in both your title and post.
- - - Do not bump your topic more than once a week
- - - Provide a render (An image that's cut out from the background) or other resources you want included in the picture.

Here's a quick copy and paste you can use to request graphics

Graphic Request : Avatar/Signature
Text : What you want one or both items to say (I.E your username, a quote, etc)
Preferred Colors : What colors you'd enjoy
Preferred Art Style : If you like Abstract, Modern, Minimalist, etc, indicate here, otherwise say Any.
Preferred Size : Indicate what sizes you want here
Borders : Do you want borders on the Avatar/Signature, if so what kind (Cinematic, Lines, etc)