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03-28-2014, 07:38 PM
We're looking for more help at www.SmiteLeague.com!

The following positions are available:

EU Division Staff
Current SmiteLeague staff is consisted solely of NA players. We are looking to create a division of SmiteLeague dedicated solely to the competitive EU Smite scene, and we need volunteers from the EU in order to get this started. If you're an EU player who is interested in helping us organize and hold competitions for EU, contact us so we can discuss this more with you.

Tournament Organizers
We're hoping to regularly throw tournaments every weekend, more specifically every Sunday morning at 9:00 am EST. We need a handful of volunteers that would be interested in participating as often as possible with organizing our tournaments.

Responsibilities would include:

Assisting Team Captains with roster organization.
Staying in communication with Team Captains.
Overseeing/Spectating specific matches.
Updating brackets.
Staying in active communication in our chat room with spectators
Various other miscellaneous tasks.

Shoutcasters / Streamers
We have a handful of available staff ready and willing to broadcast our tournaments and competitions, however we can always use more help. We are in need of more volunteers for shoutcasting and streaming, as well as personalities for casually streaming on our Twitch.tv channel regularly.

Requirements would include:
Hardware/Network capability for streaming and broadcasting at decent quality.
Positive attitude with reasonable discipline in refraining from using adult language.
Knowledge of Smite's Conquest and Arena game-types, and Gods.

Experience is a plus, especially if you have something to show us as an example.

Community Advocates / Forum Moderation
We are looking for Smite players who are interested in helping our community grow, by advocating and promoting SmiteLeague. We aren't trying to spam the entire internet and annoy people, but community staff can promote our competitions in game, communicate with Smite teams in attempt to get them to sign up for competitions, and help our forums grow and become more active by engaging in constructive discussions. Moderation privileges will be granted to volunteers who would be interested in helping us out, and will persist so long as there is no abuse.

All positions will Require:

16 years of age or older.
Teamspeak 3 installed with a Microphone.

To apply for all positions, please sign onto our Public Teamspeak 3 server and speak with an administrator, or Private Message an administrator here on the Forums. Thank you.

03-29-2014, 05:03 PM
Teamspeak 3 installed

interest = dead