View Full Version : Impossible to proress in ranked joust solo qeue

01-29-2017, 06:56 PM
How are you supposed to progress in this mode when randoms troll pick sun wukong as support don't even buy 2nd relics at lvl 14 and have 0 sense of tactics and when to retreat. 1 Lose is-15 tp and 1 win =5 tp ?? how in the world are you ever gonna progress with this system.

When I started I got out of qualifying to gold 1 ever since I progressed very slightly to 88 tp then the horror began and I began to lose 3 matches to 1 win. Every match I get premades in my team who don't have clue how opporate don't ward only think about themselfs never get kills let the enemy take fire giant and just retreat. This mode is literally impossible to progress in. I went from gold 88tp to gold 3 56 tp in just 2 days

how am i ever even going to get a winning streak of 6 wins and you ask for me to win 10 games in a row to get to next rank thats literally impossible solo qeue!!??
it should have been the other way around +15 tp for a win and -5 tp for a loss. Sreiously solo qeue you are going to lose more then you win thats a given fact doesn't matter how good you are. It's impoosible to carry peopel who have no sense of tactics and just play the game for fun. They just don't realise people are trying to progress in this broken system. It's impossible to carry that kind of people. Especially because joust can be over before you even know. the games are so short and things like the fire giant can fuck up your solo carry that it makes it literally impossible. 80% of the time i have a positive score like 9/3, 6/3 or whatever and my team mates are at bare minimum 1 kill.

NOw I got a guy who insta locks kukulkan in joust ARE YOU SERIOUS? give me 1 good reason to take him in joust he brings nothing to the table except a little bit of poke. Is ult is one of the easietst to dodge.

01-30-2017, 12:24 AM
Now I got Matched against Premade GRandmaster season 1 and season 2 and season 3 Grandmasters WTFF DUDE This IS IMPOSSIBLE second time i get grouped against grandmaster WHAT??

01-30-2017, 02:10 AM
I FACED THE SAME 2 GRANDMASTERS AGAIN!!??? gold vs grandmasters you really outdone yourself hirez :) you guys are just fantastic
they are using voice chat and stuff which isn't fair they know exactyly what each other is doing

To be honest i think grandmaster shoudl have a solo qeue. They already got the highest possibel why ruin for others.???

I should just get platinum 5 for going through all of this nonsense

03-31-2017, 07:42 PM
kukulkan does monstrous damage. hes not a bad pick at all. he can delete teams of five if they bunch of like idiots. honestly pick a few gods that can stun and or lock down and then you're good to wreck house. as for the ranking system. it is crapish but they are experimenting right now. that's why they are doing spilts this year. to test out possible ranking systems. I saw it some where in a video about ranked season 4 from hi rez. I wouldn't be surprise if the summer split is a lot better or worse. and as for facing grand masters most of them are crap and bought their accounts. end of story.