View Full Version : The following The Morrigan bugs I encountered in a 10 minute match

01-10-2017, 07:50 PM
Holy crap why was this god released?! She's broken so badly, and I don't mean, "herp da derp she's so OP derpity" I mean, she literally crashes and breaks the game. In one match I encountered the following bugs.

lagged out while as Ratatoskr. couldn't use any of his abilities after I ulted, which bounced me around and I couldn't even move. One second I was in the tree, the next I was on the ground and then I was back in the tree!
All my abilities stopped leveling up (was on auto level) after I came back
I also popped out of the ult almost immediately when I ulted a Ra. I don't think I could of used all of his abilities if I tried it was so fast?
Every time I ult someone I bounce around as I become them, almost like I bounce backwards for some reason. Like the game is struggling super hard to change the character models
I ulted into Amaterasu and after using her ult my entire ability bar disappeared. Including relics and items. Here's what it looked like https://s23.postimg.org/alxli37kr/Screen_Shot00053.jpg
I couldn't back, I couldn't open any window. I couldn't do anything
I relogged and as I logged in the game crashed and I was at the front page again, but with no deserter penalty.

This was ONE GAME! Gods have been completely removed from the game for less. You can't play the game if she's available!

Also, not a bug, but you can't use her ult with a controller on PC...