View Full Version : This has to stop!

01-10-2017, 08:32 PM
Dear HiRez, :mad:

I have haven't ripped my hair out as much as i have before this 3.25 Patch. This has got to be the worst patch ever. For the past couple of gods you basically making different loki gods. Morgan can stay invisible for up to 8 sec. and does crazy DPS early game no matter what build. Also having the ability to transform into a god is outright dumb. She can literally solo anything she wants and its doesn't matter cause she can be any god in the F%&#! room. I Would to suggestion of removal of this god and have her abilities reworked...having more and more gods like Loki are ruining this game. I have played this game since the begining and i will stop if these god choice of abilities keep on being made.

Sincerly, An Outraged player :mad::mad::mad:

01-14-2017, 08:56 PM
Morrigan is fun and balanced, besides the bugs, and no Role Selection /Auto Lockers I am actually enjoying the game :O...

Morrigan is actually too easy to counter, and peeps just can never work as a group in Solo Queue that is why you have such a hard time if any.

As for the ability to change into gods it just means that the game is more balanced and has counter play vs some Over Powered Gods.