View Full Version : Console SMITE Clubs and Communities!

12-08-2016, 04:26 PM
Hey everyone - I am happy to announce that the official SMITE club for Xbox One went live earlier this week! The SMITE Club is a great place to find clan members, hunt for achievements and chat with Community members. Simply search "SMITE" and join to become part of the fun!

PlayStation 4 has a host of SMITE Communities for players to socialize in - I help moderate the "SMITE Forums" PS4 Community and participate in many others, so come say hey!

Communities and Clubs are a great way to experience SMITE - and you may find yourself the lucky recipient of a random Skin Code from time to time!

*Giveaways are only guarnateed in communities moderated by HiRezSavvy and the Community Team - SMITE Forums (PS4) and SMITE (XB1)