View Full Version : Hotfix Notes for Patch 3.22 | 11/22/2016

11-22-2016, 09:44 AM

Fafnir's Wonderland:

Fixed equipping recall FX will cause Fafnir's Wonderland to crash
Adjusted Phoenix scaling on hard mode
In Fafnir's Wonderland hard mode, if you saw the Calling Birds encounter more than once the Phoenixes would gain immense strength, which should only happen if they respawn after you kill them.

Round: French Hen

Increased the damage for each Hen attack by 100
Increased the damage for each Chicken attach by 50

Round: Whiteout

Reduced the movement speed debuff from 20% to 10%

Round: Golden Rings

Reduced the damage for each ring by 15

Round: Where's My Nut

Increased Ratatoskr's health from 9500 to 12000

Other Changes

Ah Puch

Fixed Ah Puch's Fleeting Breath is permanently stunning healers


Fixed Ravana passive Shield is stacking its FX on him repeatedly

Oni Hunter's Garb

Updated description to include magical protection


Fixed Odyssey lore text error
Turned on Winter Arena
Fixed Gem purchase not triggering acquisition for the order

Read the full patch notes HERE! (https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-smite-fafnirs-wonderland-3-22-patch-notes/)