View Full Version : Clan Recruiting for clan Drakekinggon

11-07-2016, 04:04 AM
I am a lone player looking to bring my clan and its mentality into Smite. I am a natural born leader, tactician and as it turns out, a decent smite player. My clan was founded on the ideals of being the best, plain and simple. However, you do not have to be the best to join. If you are a new player or a decent player looking to take their game to the next level you can still find a home here. I am an incredibly patient and gifted teacher, I have already trained 2 players who preform well above average. If you are a seasoned player and somehow not a close minded toxic piece of trash know it all then you are also welcome to play under our banner. To all the casual players out there... I'm sorry. This may not be the place for you. You can still join. But I am very passionate person by nature. I am by no means toxic, but if i tell you to do something and you don't do it, and I die because you didn't do anything and you easily could've done something... I can't help but get a llllliiiillllll bit upset. I may raise my voice and question your character as a person along with your loyalty to our cause, but I promise not to bring mothers into it. To summarize: We are the best, you shouldn't join if you don't want to be the best, you should join if you want to be the best, you don't have to be the best to join, everybody loves everybody here, this is a safei-sh place- do not join if sensitive or toxic, if you are not having fun you just arn't trying hard enough. Basically, we are great people with a mindset to never stop improving. You should join us because at the end of the day you will be better for it, in some way shape or form. If you decide this isn't for you I understand and I thank you for reading this far, but if we meet on the battlefield those who do join will show you no quarter and we will show the entire world that even the gods can bleed. Message KingFeinix on psn for more information.