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11-03-2016, 09:13 PM
Hello! Thanks for stopping in my thread, I'm putting together a clan for smite, the idea here is a competitive clan of experienced/skilled players. I don't want to have the clan grow to big im looking for at least 2 members right now for joust play, but up to 4 in total for conquest and arena.

Mics are required no questions about it, anything else like age is irrelevant just don't be annoying or loud, lastly no stupid restrictions of language use or anything like that, however respect your fellow clan-mates and get along with one another we are going to be a team who works together, or someone will get the boot.

Your current experience is also not important or level. Just the desire to play, learn, get better, and be active!
I typically play a warrior or mage style, so its a bonus if you prefer something else although it wont impact you negatively if you don't, Also im really looking for a amazing ra player or healer for the team!

Message my psn for quick response! Drinsanity666 or just send your application in to the clan, The Few