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10-25-2016, 03:57 PM
New God Skins

Warlord Kumbhakarna

Nature's Guardian Rama

Prototype Scylla

Tormentula Arachne

SoaRbek Sobek

Luminosity Susano

Scylla Mastery Skins

Rama Mastery Skins

New Voice Packs

Warlord Kumbhakarna
Nature's Guardian Rama
Prototype Scylla
Tormentula Arachne

The Odyssey 2017

New Content Being Added!

Prototype Scylla
Tormentual Arachne
Lore Lady Announcer Pack
Pedestal (Odyssey Collection Bonus)

To read the entire 3.20 Patch Notes, click HERE (https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-smite-cyber-sentinel-3-20-patch-notes/)

10-25-2016, 10:57 PM
The Ah Puch change is useless.

He didn't need a mana reduction at higher lvl , never needed that. Needs one at lower lvl tho because his skills without combos do no dmg at all. So you need to combo 1+2 or 3+2 or a miracle of 1+3+2 which drains half your mana at low level so you either have to go more often to base (lag in lvl behind others) or to buy pots or to make a build towards mana regen ( which is a bad build IMHO and breaks his purpose which is to do burst dmg) .

He has no mobility , he can't run , he is a suicide god. if a tank blinks in , he is dead . if a assasin gets close , he is dead . If a hunter attacks him, he is dead (high crits will kill him very fast and cause of the attack speed of hunters they will destroy his corpses in a second).

Ofc there are casuals who will stay far away from him and then he can use his 1+2 and do some dmg to them but if someone has half a brain he will come close to him aaaaand he is dead...

Not to mention that his 1 can be blocked by objects from skills like the ymir wall , ah muzen cab hives , loki , skadi , nu wa , thor , vulcan turret etc etc etc. Making his combo useless and doing no dmg aaaaaand.... he is dead.

The fast ulti execution is somewhat a good idea but what's the point if he will die in 1 sec anyway and it will cancel itself ...

I don't see Ah Puch a viable god in the future. He is just a suicide god that is good at clearing waves and aggroing in team fights because everyone will jump on him.