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10-17-2016, 11:59 AM
Hi guys! First of all sorry for my bad english because i am from Spain but i want to share with you my costume project :)
It will take lot of time to be finished so i will post eventusly my progress here with some pictures and information.
I want to share this with you because i think that it could be useful for someone who want to craft Ao Kuang or someone who wants to craft other stuff but the things that i am going to talk about here will be worth it whit for him.

I played a lot but recently no much more sadly. When Hi-Rez did that amazing rework i couldn't stop playing with Ao Kuang and it becomes my favourite character so i dicided to craft the default skin (Yes i know the others are very cool too but the original one really impressed me)

It is true that the model in game doesn't have so much detail in the horns or in claws so i am using a bit the concept art of Ao for that part:


And for the rest of him i am using as reference the ingame model:


I did some progress sculpting the nails and ears but today i don't have too much time to show you them properly so i will upload pictures soon. Now i am searching the correct fabrics that a Chinese God, like Ao should wear. So when i have more stuff, i will show you more here.

Contact: fb.me/ManlimaCosplay

See you till then!

10-22-2016, 01:34 PM
Hi again. I can show you some tiny updates :)

I have chosen the fabrics that i will use for Ao Kuan. I was looking for fabrics that semms a high social status because, you know, he is a chinese god. I would bet that he has lot of money in his pocket. :p

In the picture you can see the fabrics that i choose and maybe a helpful tip: You keep with you a color chart instead a reference picture. In this case for me es more easy find the correct color for the costume.

In addition, today a recieve some paints and i made some paint test for the armor pieces of Ao Kuang. I tried to replicate the intrincate texture that Ao Kuang has. It is like a kind of forged gold.


I hope to upload some things more next week. Take care!

11-18-2016, 06:59 PM
Wow! Looking great!

How did you do the textures?