View Full Version : Clan Do you need a clan or friends to play with?

09-28-2016, 06:43 PM
I have a clan for both PS4 (Life is Good) and XBOX1(DeathSquad). Our level of play style is mostly casual and fun. Our group consist of 27 members on PS4 and 31 members for XBOX1. We are located in the United States for the most part. Also, we like to have fun and not take the game too serious. Please don't be a whiner or rage quitter. I have 65 gods mastered and 8 diamonds. Please feel free to add me - SkullReaper817. I look forward to you joining our clan. We also have giveaways a few times a year. Currently we are having a contest for the best hunter. The prize is a $20 gift card for PS4.