View Full Version : SMITE Official Magazine Issue 29 is LIVE!

09-25-2016, 01:28 PM
Hello everyone!

We're nearing the end of September, which means it's time again for the SMITE Official Magazine to go live! (http://gameonmag.com/portfolio/official-smite-magazine-issue-29/)

In this 29th issue are not only the usual suspects of Tying the Connections, Diary Of, Who Is and the like, but we also continue our discourse on if and how Hi-Rez could re-introduce Domination. We also have the adventures of Father Brodin and Brother Swukong in a fiction/day in the life crossover. Anyone who ever played Conquest has ran into these guys in one way or another. Enjoy the cringe...

As always: sit back, relax and enjoy the 29th issue of the SMITE Official Magazine!

Jorg 'GreyAethelwulf' van der Velden

Editor SMITE Official Magazine