View Full Version : Starting up my stream

03-27-2014, 11:22 PM
Hey guys,
Long time League of Legends player moving over to Smite and looking for some viewers to get my stream up and going. I am new to Smite but not to Moba's so I am in the leveling process now.
Couple things of Note.
1. I am new to Smite. I am not a pro so if you want to tell me a few things I can do better then I am open for suggestions.
2. I am not a newb. Though I am new to Smite and I am not new to Moba's and I already have a pretty strong concept of what it takes to play well in smite.
3. My stream is not for children as I do tend to use adult language a bit.

Come on in and say hi.. follow me... don't.. whatever you like.