View Full Version : LFG Fun Clan Looking for more members to start the Ranked Game whilst having Fun!

08-23-2016, 01:26 PM

We are a new clan looking to get more members so we can start our ranked gameplay,
You don't need experience as we pretty much have None!

We are just looking for some people to join and start a (friendly but still a little bit competitive) ranked team so we can see the more competitive aspect of the game.

As you can tell by our Clan Name {Za Phukerz} we enjoy a good laugh, and are willing to help people if they are new to the game and fancy trying a more challenging approach.

We currently have a massive (not) 3 active members \o/
and would like to get more to start a little team to play together and start getting gud!
In ANY game mode we don't mind but would love to try the larger conquest game mode.

We have:
Banan326nahead - Some guy who loves to take the hits in the face......repeatedly.......Im saying he is a tank

Desert_access - This guy is crazy, he love to start fights and really pester the Enemy.......sometime us

Ethan-Cymru (Meeeeeeeee) - Pro,Amazing,Everything you would wa........Im the mage, I hide behind you all and take your kills :D

Hey its a team game so we just mess about and if we win Wooooooooooooo regardless of who played better blah blah

We would love some people who would like to play with us as:

Assassin - hard to get these right but time to learn (Backstab, backstab) :D
Hunter - Kinda the ranged assassin or something, meh, Close enough :P
ANY Other classes are more than welcome as we can all play about and see what we can teach each other or just say "F-it" and do a all Guardian arena smash hahahaa

If you would like to join us even if you do not want to play ranked and just wanna hang out thats Fiiiiiiiiiiine
we are all for the social side!!

and we can even offer help to get levels and gods if you do not wanna rank it! and can just enjoy an arena smash!

So please feel free and do not hesitate to message any of us on PSN and we can get back in touch soon!! :D