View Full Version : Website was/is in Polish instead of English

08-20-2016, 03:57 PM
Just saying that's weird. Loaded it up in Google Chrome and it was in Polish. Just a heads up. Loaded it up in Firefox and it was English.

Some examples (with google translate activated):

"In version 3.15 again wyregulowaliśmy these parameters on the basis of several weeks of analysis and the processing of large data sets from the competition's history. We agreed that our initial beta was too low, so we have now introduced its "tuned" version. In addition, the split parameters assigned to a league and a regular meczom, because as expected it turned out that stocks of the players in these two categories are different enough that you can optimize the algorithm for each of them. Re-analysis of data from matches including a new parameter showed that the system accurately predicts who will win."

"Tryby gry
Go to the battlefield of the gods"

Improve and conquer"

"Fight weapon of legendary power

View all"

Weird. All of the other websites I visit normally are normal. Google, Facebook, Youtube. Language settings in Chrome haven't been changed.

Version 52.0.2743.116 m

Google Chrome is up to date.