View Full Version : Massive Sprawling Team Fight

06-06-2014, 03:25 AM
match id 69735783 Time 9:35

Guan tries to fight Scylla for the blue buff and hops on a horse with the entire blue team closing in.

Scylla uses her dash to avoid the guan stun as he dismounts, and guan in turn dashes through hebo to avoid the water canon, and Ymir's frost breath.

Hel throws a heal to guan as Blue Loki ults red Ao. Red Loki then ults blue loki as ao ults to down blue loki. Art ults, and kills Ao, and Loki so both Red Ao, and Loki are out of the fight.

Ymir ults, as Hebo water canons on Hel dropping her to half health. Hel swaps stances as Hebo ults her. Hel manages to get off a heal as Ymir walls right behind Hel blocking her off with the enemy Ymir, Hebo, and Scylla. Hel throws out her ranged light stance heal (restoration), and then goes for broke as she swaps into dark stance.

Ymir throws down the spikes, and Hel uses her ranged 1 (decay) to throw out damage as he bo water spouts her into the air at less than 100 health. As she lands Hel casts repulse taking out Hebo, and then swaps over to light stance to health herself, and take a drive by heal from the blue buff minion(restoration).

Meanwhile in the back Zeus is fighting both Artemis, and Scylla. Zeus throws chain lightning as Scylla overshoots her ult, and he detonates causing Scyalla to leap away. Art is in hot pursuit still, and the manage to kill each other at the same time, but it's not over yet as Hel comes back around to repulse Scylla for another kill as she hadn't gone back to base yet.

She then hits the blue buff up for health one more time, and cleanses an art trap, and the play is over.

If you watch only one Boatmurdered play this week, and hope it hits top 5 plays...well you may as well make it this one. What do you have to lose anyway?

Or if you'd rather here's some quick footage that sort of shows it...