View Full Version : Clan Looking for positive, vocal and disciplined players.

08-05-2016, 07:55 PM
I started a Ps4 clan as soon as it became an option because I could and never really thought to try and take things further. However recently a friend of mine who plays league of legends competitively at the highest possible level on three different accounts watched me play a couple games of smite and told me I should do competitive myself. As much as I would love to, it is sadly not an option for me at this point because I am very unlucky when it comes to matchmaking. Any time I try to practice on conquest I get thrown into teams with 4 junglers or 3 adc's ect. I am an unholy, unstoppable force in all other game modes with 80% win margins or higher across the board. Unfortunately the only competitive game mode is in conquest, the game type I have played the least. And the only time I do win in conquest is as the jungler, the most popular role, usually with 15+ kills and around 10 Assists and near 0 deaths. I have taken lane as middle and adc as well with little to no experience as a solo or support. Even if you have no desire to be part of a small, close knit clan, all I am really asking for is a few upbeat and fun loving individuals who want to take part in a truly enjoyable smite experience.
To whom it may concern, Clan: Drakekinggon (Drkgn) Be a part of something better.