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OG Seany Boy
07-12-2016, 11:07 PM
Hello everyone! I am the founder of National Gaming Events (NGE) located in Boston, MA. My community base is on twitter and my handle is @NGE_League. My personal twitter is @schase05. I started running lan events about 8 months ago but I have been in the eSports industry for almost 3 years. I am now getting into online leagues! The game I have been primarily focusing on has been Call of Duty but I want to expand to other gaming platforms and the next one I have chosen is Smite.

Before you read any further, I would like to inform everyone that these tournaments/leagues will be console based on the XB1 and that is subject to change as we progress in this platform and begin to run these events smoothly for you guys! I would like to start off by hosting a weekend tournament starting mid August to see how things run and to capitalize on any mistakes that may occur. Remember, this is my first time running a tournament for this game and it will be expected for things to not run completely perfect the first go around. I have some of the online twitter community helping me out but I need more help to ensure this tournament runs smoothly!

I am also looking for teams that might be interested in signing up for the tournament. There will be cash prizes so do not worry about that. Nobody will be competing for gems or anything I believe is not worth it for he competitive Smite player. I am also looking for people that know the game very well and are more interested in working behind the scenes with NGE so that eventually we can transition from tournaments to an actual league and create a fun and competitive atmosphere for the AM players (not the pros) in the community. My goal is to shed light on the players who are not in the pro league.

A couple roles I need filled are admins, casters for our online twitch accounts for gameplay, match schedulers and people on the writers block which consist of people with great ideas as to how we can improve the leagues to make them better each and every season. At NGE, I like to go by the motto "Family first, Community second." We work as a family so that our community can grow and we can continue welcoming more and more Smite players into our circle. If anyone has a team or knows someone who has a team and might be interested in playing in the tournament I can be reached on the NGE twitter page at @NGE_League or my business email which is [email protected] The same goes for people who are interested in helping me run things behind the scenes. People who would like to get involved with the business/logistical aspect of the tournaments and leagues. You can contact me both ways that were mentioned above.

I do want to stress however that my organization has been rapidly growing however it is still in the growing stages. As a result, anyone who would like to work alongside me will have to be okay with working for free. If it helps make your decision a little easier, I do not get paid by doing this and I put 3 solid years of work into this. Baby steps is the key to more growth and eventually I would like to bring a dedicated, committed and driven team of people on board NGE to work alongsode me so that eventually we can all get paid. I am going to also stress that this will require a lot of work and communication and some sacrifice. If you are passionate about gaming like I am then that should be no problem. I apologize for the long post but I had to address these important issues to hopefully answer most of your questions. Although he is in the SCL, I will be working with Elevate Paul from ElevateGG to work on a format that is both fair and runs very smooth.

If anyone has anymore questions, comments or concerns about the tournaments or the league please do not hesitate to follow me on twitter at @NGE_League or email me at [email protected] so.I can address these issues as soon as possible. I am always active on twitter so I will almost immediately reply back! If I do not know the answer I will get someone who is working with me already who does! Heres your time to shine guys! Do you want to get involved competitively or behind the scenes?! Lets get this amateur league started on a good note so its expansion will only give you guys a better experience, more competition and bigger prize pools! I thank you for your time and I hope people will respond to this thread or reach out to me via Twitter or email! I hope to talk to you guys soon! Much love from NGE! #NGEfam