View Full Version : SMITE Official Magazine issue #26

06-27-2016, 12:11 PM
Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first post of the SMITE Official Magazine on the SMITE Forums. Long overdue, but I've finally found may way here!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with us: we're a community project turned official Hi-Rez product that features something for every SMITE player out there. Theory, fiction, eSports and whatever else you can think of can be found within these pages.

This month we've got plenty of theory for you to binge through, with articles like Against the Grain, in which we explore Cupid in Solo this month, SMITE 101: Positioning and How to build: Khepri.

Fiction lovers get their fill as well, as we follow Chaac and Kali on their rampage in the Viking Event fiction: for Gold and Glory. We were also to get a hold of the Sly messenger's diary briefly. However, before he could steal it back we were able to copy a few pages! And of course we continue the clashing of worlds in Worlds Collide.

Of course we can't leave out Fafnir, and we take a look at who he is and what he does in Who is. Ratatoskr's rekit also gets some attention and we delve deeper into how these changes affect him.

eSports also has it's own section, in which we highlight the monsters of HFM and their huge comeback in the Spring Split as well as giving an overview of the OPL and the happenings there.

So grab a coffee (or tea if that's your thing), sit back, and enjoy the 26th edition of the SMITE Official Magazine!

Jorg 'GreyAethelwulf' van der Velden