View Full Version : Clan Looking for Clan members. EU PS4

06-16-2016, 01:19 PM
So Clans came out today for Ps4. (woo)

I immediately jumped on board and made a clan for EU servers. Named "Minion Equality"

I'm looking for members, we're currently;y at clan level 2 so we can hold up to 40 members. I want our Clan to be active, i want people to play a lot and help chip away at reaching the maximum level. the faster and better we level up the more people we can look to accompany in the clan.

Must have:
Experience in every role
30 mastered gods at least.
Knowledge of cheeses
Patience/ Games lose, We lose. It's not the end of the world.

Reply to this thread if you're interested. I'l look to hook you up in the clan, we don't need to be friends on Ps4. Just search for the clan, let me know you have requested to join. I'll look at your worshipers and what not to see if you fit the requirements then we can play. (list of players shows up in the clan so we can always party up)


God speed, I hope to see you suckers online. I'll be streaming a lot on twitch to try and boost members too.